What our customers are saying

“They provided a food-safety solution and an important level of biosecurity that is integral to our best practices initiative.”

“Our commitment to Food Safety and Workers’ Health made us decide to pursue this type of technology (OXYION) that has been effective in our workers’ areas and processing operations, giving us the confidence that our company is always providing a Food Safe product to the marketplace, and at the same time providing the safety measures on preventing the presence or growth of pathogens in the workplace, becoming an effective biosecurity control system.”

“I recognize that the government has been faced with a challenge of unprecedented size, but the more I learn of the technology we are demonstrating, the more I am surprised that there appears to have no effort by the federal or state governments to develop a safety standard for pathogen reduction in public places. There has always been a way to measure the ability of a business to make itself safe. Our goal now is to share our information with other businesses. We want the government to take immediate action to minimize business failures because of the lockdowns.”

“After reviewing alternative technologies, it was clear to us that this technology provided the overall best level of protection to our staff and customers in our ongoing efforts to provide a clean and safe work environment in the face of ongoing concerns of COVID.”

“A fresh grower and exporter of a variety of berries, has used Oxyion as a key part of its food sanitization process since 2015. The decision was made after performing in-house tests in a pre-cooling area and in the refrigerated storage rooms – both before and after installing the sanitizers in several locations. The trial showed Oxyion treatment significantly reduced bacteria, mold and yeasts.”