Safe for people.
No additives.
No radiation.

Protect your personnel and customers in indoor spaces with our continuous proactive chemical-free process. Safe for people, no additives, no radiation. Just ambient air and electricity allows us to provide continuous sanitization in indoor areas

Continuous Coverage No chemicals - Easy implementation (under 24h)

Preventive not reactionary 100% chemical Free – Safe for people

Oxyion works continuously to neutralize harmful pathogens and then prevent potential re-contamination on air and surfaces

Oxyion provides a safe autonomous atmosphere with proactive control of viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Our sanitization technology works in conjunction with air handlers and HVAC systems producing a blend of gas-phase antimicrobial molecules that go through the ducts and then circulate within the areas downstream continuously sanitizing the air and disinfecting surfaces 24/7 in indoor public spaces such as offices, public gathering areas, airports, hospitals, clinics, correctionals, senior care, faith based organizations. etc

Once the microbes are neutralized, the remainder of the molecules revert back to their original state: oxygen = No residues.

Supplement mandatory remediation cleaning and disinfection protocols with our proactive around the clock sanitization process that combats microbes in the air and surfaces of any indoor area. Oxyion can be operated while people are present in these environments to minimize the spread of microorganisms.

Oxyion for Business Spaces, Biosecurity Commercial and Industrial

Reduce microbial and viral loads in any indoor space hotels, restaurants, offices, etc.

Air purification to control harmful biological agents limiting the exposure to microbiological loads.

Industrial Process:
Protect indoor areas from harmful biological agents in any process.

Currently not available in California. In-duct application systems currently in process. Please check back soon for updates.