Our technology is the best option for your process combining Food Safety and shelf life optimization for perishable products while enhancing biosecurity for your personnel and customers.

Oxyion reinforces food safety, neutralizing bacteria (Listeria, Salmonella, E.Coli, etc.), viruses and decay microorganisms such as molds (Botrytis, Aspergillus, Mildew, etc.) by up to 99.9%.

USDA National Organic Standards compliant

Continuous Sanitation

Suitable for use in regular or modified atmosphere settings (CA/MA)

FSMA Preventive Control compliant

Less waste, Safer products… increase your bottom line with Oxyion!

Preventive Bacterial control that works!

Oxyion limits the exposure to recalls by strategically deploying sanitization systems in critical areas to protect people and processes. Our process works 24/7 in conjunction with the air handling systems to provide consistent sanitization of treated spaces.

Chemical Free protection for people and processes

We protect the work areas with our state of the art technology that carries the sanitization via the air by charging it with a chemical free sanitizer that reaches into the treated environments to treat all surfaces even in hard to reach/clean parts.

Food Process

Fruit and Vegetables

Flowers and Plants

Oxyion created a continuous disinfectant technology that recreates the natural process that reduces outdoor pollution.

Our products have been extended to other industries to ensure safe, effective, and unobtrusive solutions are available to all. Each solution is installed almost without downtime, works without an operator or any added chemicals.

Oxyion’s safe, natural disinfectants actively seek out and eliminate indoor harmful biological agents and hazardous pathogens on air and surfaces. Oxyion is effective against viruses, bacteria, molds, ethylene and unpleasant odors.